“Voron” is a power trio formed in 2013. With the benefit from its member’s experience, the trio starts out by releasing its 9-track debut album “Propaganda”.

Melodic-Death-World orientation and modern production gives the whole a strong personality and an instantly recognizable sound.

The twirling guitar riffs, using Whammy and Killswitch, non-typical death/growl vocals, rich drum patterns with jazzy mind blowing passages and alternating groove and wild slapping bass lines offers a genuine melodic sensitivity and a real harmonic richness.

The unique sound of the album is uplifted by the addition of traditional instruments (koto, mandole, djembe, Japan’s traverse flute) and melodies and timbres from Eastern Europe, Asia and the Near East.

Why "World Death Metal" ? Because Voron is a mix of an Experimental, World music and, of course, Death Metal. Their debut album title "Propaganda" perfectly draws their self conscious universe.



VORON - "Kill This Day"

Official music video featuring Mus from band Arkan on the mandole.

VORON - “Propaganda”

Official music video featuring guitar solo of Nils Courbaron from T.A.N.K.

VORON - “Propaganda" LIVE

Live performance video shooted at "Le Petite Bain" in Paris.


1. Propaganda - feat. Nils Courbaron (T.A.N.K.)
2. Is Suicide My Fate - feat. Julien Damotte
3. Kill This Day - feat. Mus (Arkan)
4. Apocalypse
5. Willingly - feat. Mattjö (Madonagun)
6. Fall Of The Risen - feat. Mattjo (Madonagun)
7. The Funeral Of Time - feat. Florent (Arkan)
8. Justice
9. I Dreamt

Instrumentals 1

1. Face to Face
2. Universal Mind
3. Metamorphosis
4. Ironball
5. Invictus
6. Beyond the Dream
7. Shade
8. Recall
9. As One
10. Hellraiser
11. Don't Think
12. Philanthrope
13. Singularity
14. War of Drones
15. Muse
16. Wipe Out
17. Blame
18. I Dreamt (instrumental)
19. Time is Over

Press about Voron

Powerplay Magazine

"This nine-track debut album from Voron trio is a work of ethereal beauty wrapped up in the guise of a hefty melodic death metal album… Mix Samael and Godflesh with Dreal Theater and occasional ambience, and you have something akin to Voron’s majestic yet crushing sound. Propaganda is a dark delight, wich satisfies from start to finish"

(9/10) Andrew Hawnt

Merchants of Air

"Their sound is very modern but they remain loyal to the brutality, inginuity and flexibility of the metal genre .  It's espacially the last two that Voron takes to extremes and the result is just great.  Let's keep an eye out for these guys, we might be dealing with something very special here."



"Voron lui sonne moderne et accessible en restant sobre et en rendant hommage à un héritage Metal Progressif et Metal Extrême. On ne peut rester indifférent à sa musique qui s’ouvre sur de larges horizons ! Pour moi la messe est dite et je suis devenu accro ! Je soutiens et souhaite le meilleur à Voron pour l’avenir ! Voilà c’est dit !"

(9/10) FalculA


"Altro gran lavoro giunto a noi dalla Dooweet, questa volta con uno stile che si avvicina all’industrial metal, pur toccando nella mezz’ora abbondante un bel numero di generi, assemblati con sagacia per creare un ibrido davvero interessante… Ottimo lavoro, dunque, e missione riuscita per la band quella di riunire così tante influenze in un solo esplosivo sound che trascina e affascina non poco."


VS Webzine

"Une démonstration sympathique et prometteuse, pour un beau potentiel au niveau de l’originalité et de la personnalité."

Music Waves

"Voron signe avec "Propaganda" une musique aux éclats multiples et à la constance mélodique. On aime écouter et encore écouter cette musique habilement ciselée."